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Charging site Galaxen Borlänge Subscribe to updates for this charging station

Jussi Björlings väg 25, Borlänge, 784 32, SWEDEN
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Contact name:
Owner: Hotell Galaxen
Directions: Mitt emot Borlänge centrum, på andra sidan järnvägen
Location coordinates:
60.487616 [N 60º 29' 15.4176"]
15.430127 [E 15º 25' 48.4572"]
Comment: Vid besök 21-23/6 2018 fick vi inte typ2-uttaget att fungera, enligt reception hade det strulat ngt. Dock finns ett 10-tal laddare 5 minuters promenad från hotellet utan avgift kväll/natt.
State: Unknown [info]
Access: Private [info]
Usage model: Dedicated
Parking rates: Gratis flr hotellets gäster
Parking hours: Dygnet runt
Number of parking spaces: 1
Added: Sunday, March 3, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 10:39 AM
Info source: Eget besök
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⚡ 3.7kW 0.21km (0.13miles) ↓s

⚡⚡ 22kW 0.29km (0.18miles) ↓s

⚡⚡ 22kW 0.36km (0.22miles) ↖nw

⚡⚡ 22kW 0.63km (0.39miles) ↓s

⚡⚡ 11kW 0.75km (0.47miles) ↙sw

⚡ 3.7kW 0.84km (0.52miles) ↙sw

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡ 3.7kW ⚡ 3.7kW 0.87km (0.54miles) ↙sw

⚡⚡⚡ 50kW ⚡⚡⚡ 50kW 1.03km (0.64miles) ↙sw

⚡⚡ 11kW 1.08km (0.67miles) ↖nw

⚡ 2.3kW 1.24km (0.77miles) ←w

6/19/2019 8:05:10 PM
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Magnus visited on Saturday, May 18, 2019 and would like to share the following

Fick inte igång denna även med receptionens hjälp

Could not charge