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ChargerFinder helps you find the charging sites that are close to you and provide detail information - type of outlet, address, availability, etc.

To access ChargerFinder please enter in your phones internet browser and download the version appropriate for your mobile phone.

ChargerFinder works on both java enabled and windows mobile phones, for compatibility see below. It does not require GPS, instead it uses information about the mobile tower your phone is connected to approximate your position.

Below are some screenshots of ChargerFinder running on SonyEricsson mobile phone.

HTC S730
Nokia N70
SonyEricsson C702
SonyEricsson K530i
SonyEricsson K770i
SonyEricsson K800i
SonyEricsson Z310i
SonyEricsson Z770i
SonyEricsson X1i

Nokia 5140i
Nokia 6131
Nokia 6280
Nokia 6300
Nokia E51
Nokia E71
Nokia N73
Nokia N82
Nokia N95
Samsung SGH-M310
SonyEricsson P1i
SonyEricsson Z610i